Friday, July 1, 2011

I have to write! I HAD to write!
 It's so irritating and depressing to have all your plans quashed, especially when you had been planning for what seemed like a month! I had one of the best experiences I have ever had in my short life just a few days back. And the downside of it all is that you start comparing everything you do to what you have already experienced and nothing seems to match it then!...Grrrr..
    Well that aside, I have decided to take life much more lightly now. Those who know me know that I am this overbearing, sometimes obnoxious, hyperactive girl. But there is one thing  only a few people know, that I brood a lot. Whenever something happens, however meaningless it be, I always try to find a reason behind it and I think and think and think. and from there, there is no coming back. It just pulls you deeper and deeper to a stage where I find myself so occupied with thinking about it that I can't concentrate on anything else, can't sleep or read or eat. That is my OCD I guess.

So yeah, I found myself a new thing to think about. Sometimes you come across things or people who make an impact in the first go. Now this may not be true for everyone meeting that person, but there is something that strikes you immediately, be it  a handshake, or the way the person is dressed or his/her manner of talking, could be anything. Now it is the tendency of girls my age ( or any age, i wouldn't know) to consider such a person THE one, you know. We go into this overdrive of emotions and weave stories in our heads about how things would turn out eventually, even though the other person might not even have noticed us. However 21st century a girl tries to become, she always wants a knight in shining armour to come and whisper in her ear that she is the prettiest thing alive (*blush*:p). We always want fairytale stories where the guy would protect the girl from everything and still look at her as if she were the bravest soul there is. It's no surprise that the Twilight series is so popular among girls. Every girl wants to be Bella( though she is extremely irritating). Like Bella every girl wants a drop dead gorgeous guy to be head-over-heels in love with her, and when you have two, ah well!...:)

   But lets face it, stories are stories, to expect someone somewhere to come looking for you on a white horse with a bunch of blood red roses and pick you up and live happily ever after (a la dil to pagal hai :p) is idiocy. But then again, the heart wants what it wants, right?.......
         The flip side of this is when all the above doesn't happen. To have to settle for something less, or worse, someone  opposite of the dream guy is heart breaking. And of course, the side effects of living in India where the chances of this happening are much much more than let's say somewhere like the USA.

                    There is no solution I guess. But what one can do is to stop thinking. You meet someone. like him. ok. But don't start choosing curtains for your dream home in your head. That'll reduce the number of pieces your heart breaks into if at all nothing materializes. It'll probably be easier then to pick up the pieces and put them back together and look for another person for whom you can break it all over again....:)


  1. well "she" is growing up.... i meant the "perspective of life"...keep writing

  2. simply...WOW !!!!! :D n yes..u were right... i do feel like that ! :P