Monday, March 7, 2011

Them. And Me.

They called me immature, when I laughed out loud.
They called me stupid, when  I wished to dance on a cloud.

They wanted to laugh, when I wanted to cry.
They wanted the stars, when I just wanted to fly.
They called me dumb, when I was just a child.
And when I grew up, they thought the child inside me died.

They wanted everything, when I just wanted them.
They said do that and not this, but I wanted this and not that.
But I wanted them so bad.....Never mind, I did that.

They said things to me, and they thought I won't remember.
They thought I'd forget, but the scars are forever.
And now when I tell them, they pretend getting shocked.
Yeah well, they shocked me too....

And now when I remember, and I see it so clear.
Like it were just yesterday, the years are like sheer.
I love them too much, maybe not all of them, to give it back.
But if I haven't forgotten, sure as hell, God hasn't either.
And one day they'll see, and I won't be there.