Monday, August 29, 2011

It's all those times

It's all those times that I see them walking towards me,
It's all those times that I hug them so tight,
It's all those times when they say "Kya ho gaya isko?",
It's all those times when they say "It'll be alright".

It's all those times that I send an emotional text,
It's all those times they send one right back,
It's all those times that they say nothing at all,
It's all those times that they still get me on track.

It's all those times that I eat idlis,
It's all those times that I have sambar,
It's all those times that I watch the empty roads,
It's all those times I imagine them coming from afar.

It's all those times that I see people eating paan,
It's all those times that I watch Kung Fu Panda,
It's all those times I call 'Surviving Crooked Lake', 'Sorority Lake'
It's all those times I go by Ajanta.

It's all those times that I see paper mache,
It's all those times I think of TNT,
It's all those times I feel sleepy in class,
It's all those times I hear 'Yo'.

It's all those times I walk those roads,
It's all those times I see the empty nala top,
It's all those times I pass by the graveyard,
It's all those times I think about raddiball.

It's all those times that I can't sleep at night,
That I think about things that make my life worth living,
And I'm so overwhelmed,
I can't believe I'm so utterly blessed.

I know I'm going to make it cuz I have you guys,
I know it'll be okay cuz 'Congress ka haath janta ke saath',
I know if I trip, I have three sets of hands to catch me,
I know in spite of all the disappointments and unfulfilled wishes,
My life is everything I could wish for.

I know I have three imperfect but perfect friends,
I know I can't complain cuz I have three pillars I can lean back on,
I know I'm the luckiest girl in the world cuz where people don't have one, I have three,
I know, for people outside of D.A.S.H., this doesn't make any sense,
But even for all the wealth in the world, I wouldn't want to be anybody else.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's a mini revolution right now. People are all up in arms against the government, Anna Hazare leading from the front. I'm all for standing up against corruption but in all this commotion what really struck me was the level of hypocrisy people are showing!

       OK. The government is corrupt, and the opposition and practically everyone who makes up the governing body anywhere in the country. But is everyone who is protesting honest?..Can they truthfully and sincerely swear on God and say that they do not resort to easier methods to get work done? Shouting from the rooftops and going on candle marches is very convinient, but will those candles reduce corruption?? I love my country but the part I dislike the most is how everyone likes to make everything so melodramatic and then forget about it!!..It's what you do when you return from those marches is what really matters!!!

       I don't understand how people can claim to stand up against corruption when they know that they won't shy away from slipping a note to the traffic policeman when they are caught! It's very easy to blame the whole world, one should look inside and change oneself first. Yes, the whole system is corrupt, but we are equally to blame!...It's because we are so easy to manipulate and because we don't think twice before paying extra or using one's "contacts" to get our way!

      I know myself and can speak only for myself. I have never given or taken a bribe, either verbal or monetary, to turn things my way and I'm going to try and do that always. I'm not saying I'm a saint but I have never taken something that is rightfully someone else's for my own benefit.And that goes down to the minutest thing. Not getting ahead in line, not giving money because "it's only 10 bucks yaa!" and much much more. Yes, it is only 10 bucks and we are ready to give or take that money because we have that much. There are others who have much much more, and they are ready to give or take that much because they have it. Don't the rules that you think must be applied to them, apply to you too??? How can you blame them of laundering money when you are doing it too??..Money is money, whatever the amount may be!

      Blaming people is very very easy, cursing the govt. is very easy but when it comes down to your work, you can't give in and say "everyone does it yaa!!". Everyone says "everyone does it" and that is why everyone does it. And then when people go marching with banners saying "be done with corruption", it's the height of hypocrisy!!!

      You can not build the top of the pyramid without first building the base.WE are the base. Only when each and everyone of us is able to not be corrupt, can something change.Shouting slogans and running amok on the streets is useless because when you are doing that, there are others silently doing what they have always been doing. Stop cheating in exams, stop paying the traffic police, stop paying to get a seat, stop paying to get what is rightfully your's. Don't complain about politicians being hypocrites when you yourself are one. It's only by our individual efforts that something can happen. We are the foundation. There is no point complaining about the building collapsing if the foundation itself is weak.

            Wake up!!...Look inside you!!...Change yourself before you go around trying to change the world!...