Friday, January 2, 2009

Sometimes we have so many people around us that we forget to value each one of them. And suddenly when one of them stops being around you, you realise that the person meant so much to you...was so unexplainably important to your day to day life.....

My best friend, Aruna.....OMG!!!!.....we used to meet like strength, source of constant inspiration...and so much more....and it's like, been just two days since she shifted...and I'm already missing her like anything..

It is so unfair,I feel, that I could never ever get an idea that it would get so many memories, still seem so less.
Come to think of it, she's not moved far away....It's like 30 to 45 min from my place. But you have to be in my position to understand that it is not the same. God, i feel so foolish.....i spent so many days just crying, coz i just couldn't imagine life without her.....And now I am actually living it....I could have instead spent all that time with her....
The day they were leaving I hugged her (we always do whenever we meet), she saw tears welling up in my eyes and said, "Don't cry dibbi, you've already cried enough"....
She's right...I've cried enough....and I'm not crying now, not atleast for things not in my control....But Aru.....I just miss you so terribly......Luv u loads....


  1. Dont worry again ur wishes will come true one day ...... and those last versus , hope u neva cry again ........ i always wanted those bubbly cheeks to come out ...... hey v get one surprise gift from god so y do ya make it hectic , wat ever happens life has to go and ther r better things waitin for ya ...... dun worry u both r best buddies r forever nobody can change it


  2. hey dahlin,
    v both sailin in da same boat huh!
    miss u too
    but im kinda very used to this shiftin n leavin back frnz so i was kinda prepared for it...
    n i guess next tym u'll be..
    n as far as v both r stayin on the same planet i don't think its much of an issue is it...?
    da odr day i was surfin thru my cell phone pics n realised dat more thn half of the pics wer urs-posin wit my soft toy bubu....lolz n i had a tough tym deletin thm to accomodate new pictures but neways have thm on the pc too so ... so far so gud
    n ur twin, my 2 odr dash mates n bit2 r ther 4 u so HAKUNA MATATA!!!

    cheers. cya. tc. be gay.... as in happy lolz