Sunday, January 18, 2009

MISUNDERSTANDINGS!!!.......I hate them so much.....Most people never mean what they say in day to day life. I mean we hardly have time to think and talk. And we never know how the other person is going to take it. But when you really know and understand what the other person is going through then you don't really mind when they are rude or when they say something that could have hurt you otherwise. Chuck it!!....Its of no use now.....

Everyone says that finding good lifelong friends is really difficult. I never really believed that, coz I thought I had enough gr8 friends....But now I know that they were right. Finding friends is really difficult. Friend, for me is someone who can really standby you in every situation. A friend may not be necessarily be able to help you out, but would always be with you and that is what matters. after all life's battles are to be fought alone. A friend is someone who cares for you selflessly, who wants you to reach the pinnacle of success even when you are competition to him/her.

The other day, we had a lecture at 10....and I had to get some photocopies of an assignment in pathology. There were only 15 min left and we had to go to the medical building from the dental building that itself takes 15 min. but I just had to get the photocopies. I asked Pooja to come with me and she whined that she din want to come. I don't know what pissed me off so much. I jus said"OK FINE!!!".....and ran off.......I reached the xerox shop and what do I see.... the poor thing is coming running after me. I felt so ashamed of myself. I know its not a big thing, but then touched me so much. She calls me up everyday or vice versa and we discuss everything that happened that day,the previous day, or the day before dat and the day before dat...I jus can't get enough of her.....Whenever I'm happy or sad, the first thing I do is I call her up....and her one-liners!!!!......They are to die for!!!!some of dem being..
"Duuuuuuude!!!!"......(in that typical tone)

"Hadh hai yaar!!!"


"What do i doooo????"

"battamiz,besharam, kamina, moya, marjaana!!"....(all in one breath!!!)


"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"......( her personalized style) sorry poojiii!!!

"Mainu ki pata???"

"Please forgive meeee........" ( ok, dats a song by bryan adams that she keeps on singing......pooji, am tired of it!!)

and so many more......Shez an absolute delight to be with....Thanx pooja for comin into my life...God only knows what I would have done without u.....!!!

And another one is obviously, best friend....

What can I say about her???........Shez everything you would want in a friend.....Thank you Aru....
And then is of course, Dhruv......Ok, he doesn't exactly qualify as my friend but is someone I can tell absolutely anything to....He's a perfect example of how someone can be weirdly matured and immature at the same time.......Contrary to his image, he's such a kid at heart....Jus can't thank him enough for being there...always.....

Then there are Soumya...and Harini......Feels as though I've known them for ages!!!
Soumya, my friend, philosopher, guide......So matured for her age....Shez one of the very few people I know, who commands respect, not demand it.....
And Harini of baby.....known her since nursery.....Have literally seen her growing to be what she is now...and I'm so proud to have her as my friend, my "gr8 friend"!!!....

I may not get a chance again....But I want to thank all these people today for being who they are, for always being there for me....

one thing I've always been taught is to count my blessings......And I think the above mentioned people are god's way of blessing me.....

Read a poem in some book, long long back....Don't remember exactly how it went, but twas sumthin like...
""You have books to read, eyes to see,
Pick up the phone, call a friend,
think about those,
who have none of these,
Have you forgotten your blessings?
Try to remember them please.....


  1. Divyyyaaa!!!!! am jus speechless!!!! i really dunno...whether i was smiling.or cryin while readin this one!! but feelin really really good now!!!! i da one whose suppose to b thankin u...thanxx yaa!!! thanx for everythin....!!

  2. Hey Divya..Nice of you to dedicate an entry to your buddies..they are also fortunate to have you as their friend :)

  3. the pleasure's all mine pooji!!!......

  4. I've heard/read your mind, great to know, that you have some true friends, and I hope it stays like that forever :)