Saturday, April 6, 2013


The world of change a sweet word can bring,
A conscience is what we've been missing
If we just made an effort to be nice,
Swallow our pride and that would suffice.

Rebuild ourselves while helping another
Treat a tired soul as your own brother
 Try to untangle the web of despair,
Till there’s no more hate, just love and care.

If we use our power to do some good,
Just do our job and not care about the fruit.
Not pull people down for little things,
Help free them and spread their wings.

If we just think of everyone as a person,
Not a sweeper, an engineer or a fireman,
If we just step out of the illusion of being superior,
Lift someone up, make lives easier.

If we look deep into our own misery,
Realize our faults and all things dreary,
Work on them and set them right,
The world would seem so very bright.

If we just try to be better than yesterday,
Work for mankind in our own sweet way
Blessings we reap from the seeds we sow,
For a happy today and a happier tomorrow.

-Divya Naik 

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