Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby, Don't Go.

Mama, can I go out and play?
Mama please I'll be just outside,
Sunny owes me two marbles,
When you call me, I promise I'll come back inside.

Baby don't go, come here.
There are bad people outside,
Sunny has gone to his Nana's
Stay with me darling, stay inside.

Mama, can I go out and play?
I want to climb on that tree,
To the highest branch like a King,
It's the only place I feel so free.

Baby don't go come here,
The tree caught fire today.
You heard the loud boom, didn't you?
We can go out some other day.

Mama can I go out and play?
Dina hurt her knee yesterday,
I'll give her some berries, she'll love them,
Mama I just need to see if she's okay.

Baby don't go come here,
Dina's house fell down today,
We'll pluck the berries tomorrow darling,
But Dina has gone far far away.

Mama can I go out and play?
I'll follow the stream to the hill,
I'll bring home some fish like Daddy, 
Mama why are you sitting so still?

Baby don't go come here,
Daddy is visiting your sister in heaven,
We'll pray for them , the bad people
For hurting our brothers we'll pray they're forgiven.

Mama, why can't they share and love?
Didn't their mothers teach them?
Yes darling, but they've forgotten ,
They should be hanging their heads in shame.

Baby don't go come here.
I'll keep you safe and sound,
I'll fight till my last breath,
I'll hide you in that hole in the ground.

Mama, what's that noise and why is it so hot?
Mama, are those tears? are you crying?
I won't go outside I promise I promise
I'll be a good boy , I'm trying.

Baby don't go come here,
You're my angel, my heart and my soul,
The bad people are going to come soon,
I'll come back for you, baby, go hide in that hole.

Mama, where are you? Why is it so silent?
Have they gone?Can I come out ?
Maybe you can teach me that game,
I'll go to the stream and catch some trout.

Mama, don't lay on the ground, it's cold.
I'll get the mat, are you sleeping?
Mama, say something, talk to me.
Mama, Mama, why are you bleeding?

                                    - Divya Naik

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  1. Heartbreaking, Divya. Like a Khaled Hosseini novel! Marvelous writing too! You've portrayed the horrors of war, without once being explicit about it! Hats off, really!! I'm really really impressed!