Wednesday, October 17, 2012


How do you know whether the decision you're going to take is right or not? How am I supposed to know?? I wish they were some tool or some machine or a time travelling thingy or whatever that could help me decide!!!
   I mean you could weigh the pros and cons and you could ask people who've gone through the same situation before but in spite of all that I could be wrong, right? Murphy's law anyone??

  In times like these I usually go to my mom and rant. I tell her everything and don't really explain it to her. I just blurt everything out, everything I know and tell her the shaky decision I've made. And then whatever she says, even if she has no idea about any of it, I just go with it. Once something gets my mom's seal of approval, it is just right.
This just happened now. I went and woke up my sleeping mom and said stuff and she sleepily said ' yes, do that' and that just relaxed me. I don't know how. Now I just know that's what I'm going to do. So yeah.


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