Friday, August 14, 2009


A reason to smile,
A reason to laugh out loud,
A reason to scream in elation,
A reason to dance as if there was no tomorrow,
A reason to live life as if it were the last day of your life,

These days, As we grow old
We need.... a reason for everything....

I yearn for the innocence lost,
I yearn for those moments of mad laughter,
I yearn for those times when I could dream high without caring about the pracical aspects,
I yearn for that effortless spirituality thats evading me now.

These are days when we don't smile,
and there were days when we didn't need a reason to smile..

These are days of material desires
and there were days when a mother's lap seemed like heaven...

Strewn apart from within we stand today...
and we have a million reasons....


  1. Wonderful thought, dear. Sad, but true, too. And that's a great way you've put it in. Brought back the feeling of nostalgia once again. Keep it up, gal!!

  2. hi divya
    nice thought yaar
    but see change is the way of life
    maybe even all this will change and one day we will be going back to the way we were.
    by the way

  3. Take a walk all by yourself someday
    On those lanes where we played jumped around bruised ourselves laughed out like drunkards
    Close you eyes, carefully listen as you may
    Hear those laughs, delighted screams as if those four are standing at a distance of a few yards

    Daggi. Sonic. Junku. Sometimes it feels like you were the last people who understood me. Really nostalgic now. Take care guys. You are very precious.