Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Read this poem long back...don't remember who wrote it....but this is one of the most excellent poems i've read...
I'm not takin credit for this poem coz i don't have any contribution to it.....but i really do identify with it....here goes

Every time I'm ignored
I smile when my soul says I'm nobody
I pray for silence
I forgive my ego to be everybody.

Every time I' loved and caressed
I smile knowing I'm blessed
I pray for bliss
I forgive people for isolating me.

Every time I'm severely criticized
I smile at my ignorance
I smile at people's fallacy
I pray for wisdom
I forgive people for their bleakness.

Every time people boast about my abilities
I smile at my genius
I pray for humility
I forgive my pride.

Every time I collide with failures
I smile at my experiences
I pray for reinforcing forces
I forgive myself for lacking commitment.

Every time I' triumphant
I smile at my ecstatic blindness
I pray for sensibility
I forgive people for their change of opinion.

every time I get brutally stabbed by life
I smile when i feel like crying with oceans of tears rolling behind these eyeballs
I pray for replenishing trust
I forgive my sorrows.

Every time i remind myself that I can forgive but i can't forget
I smile at my guilt
I pray for strength to overcome delusion
I forgive my conscience.

Every time I search for clarity
I smile on myself for keeping such an amused soul, confused mind and a restless body
I pray for enlightment
Iforgive my illusions
I forgive all from the eye of god



  1. Today even I can identify with it

  2. i guess dis poem is an answer 2 ur blog "shit happens"....get goin gal....shit happens 2 evry1.....but 2 get out of d shit n triumph once again is wat makes u a winner.....get goin gal.....u dnt luk gud depressed....